War Horse

Last weekend I went off to the theatre to watch the play “War Horse” at the Lowry theatre, now those of you that know me might be thinking, Corbally? The Theatre? The Lowry? Well here’s how it all came about. Last year on the way to Las Vegas I had exhausted the list of things to do on the flight, so I decided to watch a movie although of course, with limited choice, so I popped my earphones in (to the joy of the guy next to me) and settled down to watch the movie Warhorse, which would normally be the last thing on my “Must see movies list” but you know what? I loved it! So much so that I took my girlfriend to see it again at the theatre. The film is set during World War One and is all about a horse, who, as a cross shire horse and a stallion was told he had no future (as I was told many times myself especially in my school days).

However, a young lad invests his time to train the horse which inevitably ends up saving both of their lives, the film is amazing and the ending is brilliant (don’t worry I am not going to spoil it). Although for me the best part of the whole film was when, on the front line, a German and an English man who’s countries were fighting to the death, took time out to work together and do something amazing. So what on earth does this have to do with the start of the working week?


Δ Try something new and keep an open mind! You know what, watching the film was trying something new which I didn’t think I would like, although I did and learnt a lot! Maybe like trying out a new line or a new market?

Δ You can train people to do anything! Just like in the film, if you invest the time into training people you will reap the rewards

Δ Have conversations with people you are at war with, you never know you might even be able to work together! So, know your competition although you will hate them at first, they will, whether you like it or not, bring out the best in you!

One of the best sales deals I ever pulled off was ironically in buying, when I got a competitor to wholesale purchase with me and we both made an extra 20%

In short: Keep an open mind, pass on the knowledge you have but remember to learn and communicate….. with EVERYONE! Not just the people you like! In fact, why not even arrange a meeting with your market manager about anything you are unhappy with?

Let’s face it what is the point in complaining to people that cannot do anything about it?

If everything is great that’s brilliant to hear so why not use your time creatively to have a sit down chat about upcoming events for Halloween, Bonfire night and of course Christ…….enough of that!

Enjoy TODAY and don’t count the days, make the days count!