With budgets and time getting ever tighter, as well as increasing legislation about how to manage markets, wouldn’t it be great if you could start the New Year off with a new, simple, easy to use piece of software which could help you manage all of this?

Bizaar 2The team at Bizaar is excited to announce that now managing your markets is as simple as using your phone with Android Bizaar, the most affordable, accessible and advanced market management system available.

We have listened to our customers and developed a cloud based, hosted Android version which means that it’s even easier to set up and use. New users can be up and running in no time and Bizaar allows each user to access and update all their market information remotely and quickly including creating and updating markets, adding or deleting stalls, traders or amending charges, all via 3G/4G/WIFI.

Whether you operate single or multiple markets at one location, or multiple markets at multiple locations, Bizaar Market Management system can handle all your market administration needs.

Immediate remote access to up-to-date information means faster revenue collections, faster licences and insurance checks, reducing admin time and cost. With no limitation to the number or type of users, Bizaar has the flexibility to adapt to changing trading conditions.

Bizaar’s Cloud based management system allows full control of all aspects of running a market in line with current legislation. Users can be confident in the security of their data as each user is set up with a unique ID meaning improved security, process control and full auditing facilities.

And, we’ll also be introducing the facility to operate a cashless payment system which will provide extra security and peace of mind for your market collectors by reducing the need to carry around large amounts of cash. Add to this a dedicated helpdesk, remote access and reporting tools, which means you can have peace of mind that any queries will be dealt with quickly. 

Why Choose Bizaar?

  • Cloud based, hosted solution
  • 3G/4G/Wifi connectivity means information on the go, where and when you need it
  • Intuitive Android functionality
  • Real time market uploads
  • Variety of payment methods including cashless systems
  • Competitive up-front costs
  • You can use your existing Android phone
  • Adaptable to every market
  • Manage one or more markets from one device
  • Secure and traceable
  • Finance report generation

We will be available at the NABMA Annual Conference in Birmingham (29 January 2015) to demonstrate the new system. If you can’t see us there, you can find out more at www.bizaar.net or contact us to arrange a FREE demonstration at sales@bizaar.net.