Advertising in the Market Trade News magazine and the online digital magazine.

Market Trade News is a STRICTLY trade only publication. It is dedicated to helping wholesalers, market traders and market managers. In fact, anything and everything relating to markets can be found in Market Trade News, including suppliers, insurance, vehicles and market stalls and accessories. We offer informative news, editorial features and focused advertising for both wholesalers and markets. Market Trade News is available FREE OF CHARGE through markets and market managers and has a readership of approximately 40,000 and is distributed by REQUEST only. Also every issue is converted into an innovative digital publication available to market traders online. Market Trade News is the only totally FREE market trade publication for Market Traders and market managers. Free delivery each month direct to market managers and market traders. Informative news, editorial, features with wholesaler and market spotlights.

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Advertising Dimensions

Type Area 400mm wide x 270mm deep
Trim 420mm wide x 297mm deep
Bleed 426mm wide x 303mm deep

Full Page
Type area 190mm wide x 270mm deep
Trim 210mm wide x 297mm deep
Bleed 216mm wide x 303mm deep

Half Horizontal                     190mm wide x 133mm deep
Half Vertical                          92mm wide x 270mm deep
Quarter Vertical                   92mm wide x 133mm deep
Quarter Vertical strip          43mm wide x 270mm deep
Eighth Horizontal                92mm wide x 64mm deep