I heard on the news the other day that Donald Trump had announced that he is running for President by periscope!? I thought that as flamboyant as Donald is he has finally lost the plot and bought his own Submarine as some kind of election campaign publicity stunt! I had this conversation with my 9 year old son and after his initial uncontrollable laughter he went on to explain that Periscope was in fact a new app that Twitter set up and you can show videos via social media independently or alongside twitter, so a man who can command as much publicity as he wants and get on pretty much any news channel chose to make this announcement via social media? Interesting… I was intrigued by the whole conversation and those of you that know me know that I am no techie geek by any stretch of the imagination although we cannot deny that the whole world is moving in that direction, if we use the traditional methods of posters and newspaper ads to advertise an upcoming event etc how many people actually see it and how do we gauge where most of the footfall on the day has come from? The answer is, we can’t.

There is a lot of bad press associated with social media although to concentrate on the positives in life is crucial, as traders we need to embrace social media and interact with our customers, new and old and our new generation of potential traders on as many levels as possible.

Now I can practically hear you all say:
“Well that is all very good Adam, but I am no good on technology and have not got a budget for this kind of thing”

This is where we utilise the next generation, kids are all great at technology, just like when we were kids lacing up our football boots or jumping on a Bike or in a reservoir to swim on a summers day was second nature, kids have grown up with technology all around them so are the obvious choice for helping us oldies take advantage of the social platforms and of course the best thing is it is completely free and in my eyes the next best thing these days to good old word of mouth, maybe even get one of your own kids to manage your social media campaign in its entirety and put rewards and goals in place for any extra revenue received?

So weather you are a Face book first or a twitter newbie please do explore the world of social media and make it work for you and your business, speak to your kids or pretty much any young person and let them help you learn about the power of social media and just how many people you can reach out to absolutely free. I have created some amazing opportunities via social media platforms and would welcome every single one of you to connect with me on any of the following…

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The world and market place is an ever changing one and it is so true that if we do not evolve we will become extinct. See you in the market place and hopefully cyberspace!