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Last Sunday was a big day for me, I played my third ever game of football on a full-sized pitch. Now those of you that have seen me play football will be laughing right now and those of you that haven’t, will probably be laughing anyway wondering why on earth this was a big day for me?

Well, growing up as a kid, I was never really introduced to football and in turn I never really got into it until I was 27 years old. Now, I have always questioned the phrase ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, although when it comes to me playing footy, this is pretty much true. Watching me play football is like watching someone follow the green cross code; I get the ball, stop, look, listen, look again, listen again and then go for the cross if it safe to do so – about the same amount of coordination as I have on the dance floor after a few beers!

Last Sunday was no different and I started off running around like I was under sniper fire doing my headless chicken technique. At half-time I came off the pitch, and in the changing rooms I got some really well received tips and pats on the back for doing my best. This made the second half a different story and motivated by my team mates, I got really stuck in to the game and like to think I held my own as one of the team.

A few beers in the bar followed and it was nice to catch up with a few old friends I hadn’t seen for ages and I would like to think that I made a couple of new ones too. I found out that we had made £330 for the local team’s footy club funds – I think it is fair to say a great day was had by all!

So, do I think I am going to be the next Jamie Vardy? NO! Do I think that this year I won’t win ‘worst player’ trophy at our Monday night five-a-side Christmas get together? NO! (I think they have my name engraved on it already!) The whole point of the story is to try something new, something completely new, something that you might be a bit scared of, something that you might not be that good at, something that you have never tried before, know nothing about but have always fancied.

This could be something in your personal life such as learning to canoe, going climbing, wakeboarding, literally anything or try something new in business. Markets are changing so much at the moment and things are always getting tougher with the rise in online shoppers and the giant megastores that are popping up all over the place. Never more has there been a time to try something new!

I’ve played footy now for over ten years, making loads of new friends, creating some great business opportunities, keeping fit, getting in the fresh air and raising a load of cash for some great charities along the way.

Now is a great time of year to try something new in the run up to Christmas. I tried selling Christmas trees once. I knew nothing about trees, nor did any of my staff. In fact, everyone said that I was mad to try something new and how I would lose all my money and it would never work. They were right about the first bit, I did know nothing, but the guy who sold me them did know about trees and the people that bought them knew what they wanted, the rest was easy, add a bit of hard work and all of a sudden we were selling over a 1000 trees a year!

Go on try something new, don’t think what is the worst that could happen, think what is the best that could happen.

I love hearing from you guys and especially look forward to hearing about your new ventures. As always, feel free to ask me any questions you may have!
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