Entrepreneur Galina Borsca has achieved her dream of running her own lingerie business thanks to a helping hand from Tameside Markets.

The mum-of-one applied to the Council’s Trade for a Tenner scheme to have a low risk and low cost trial run of a stall on Ashton’s award winning market last September.

And it proved so successful that she has now moved from her temporary pitch on the outdoor market to open a permanent base for her business ‘LadyDuff Lingerie’ with changing rooms inside the market hall with hopes of expanding further.

Galina said:
“I was looking for an opportunity to get started with my own business selling high quality lingerie at low prices and I fell in love with Ashton Market right away. It is an attractive setting and has a caring and friendly atmosphere and importantly offered the Trade for a Tenner scheme which gave me the opportunity to trial my idea without huge start up costs.”

“Straight away I received a lot of interest in my products, people like them and I have quickly built up regular customers. It has been such a success that I have now been able to open a permanent stall in the market hall which is a dream come true for me. Who knows now what is possible with the business if I have achieved this is such a short space of time – I would like to eventually open up a number of shops in different town centres.”

The Trade for a Tenner scheme is available on both Ashton and Hyde markets. For further information see http://www.tameside.gov.uk/markets/tenner

Tameside Council Deputy Executive Leader Cllr John Taylor, who is responsible for markets, said:
“The scheme benefits everyone – as well as giving budding new businesses a helping hand it helps to keep the market vibrant and busy, improving the choice of products available and attracting new shoppers.”