Cambridge’s second night market success

Hot on the heels of their successful first night market, to coincide with LYLM fortnight, Cambridge Market hosted their second on 21 July, showing family favourite Toy Story and Mamma Mia.

The weather held and the people arrived en-masse.

Dan Ritchie, Markets and Street Trading Development Manager, told MTN: “It was a huge success! Toy Story was well received and Mamma Mia had the crowds singing along and then at the end of the film there must have been nearly 200 people dancing! A load of effort but well worth it.”

They will host two more, on Friday 18 August and Friday 29 September before the Christmas night market on Wednesday 6 December.

The next event will break from the musical main feature presentation, showing Toy story 2 and the classic Bond film, Goldfinger. Dan commented: “Grease and Mamma Mia have been huge hits, but are musicals. We’re testing the water with a Bond film to see if that’s as well received.”