To help maximise Shambles Markets commercial potential, its trading regulations have been refreshed by City of York Council in consultation with traders. These proposals are being presented at a Cabinet Member Decision Session on Tuesday 10 March for consideration.

To ensure the newly refurbished Shambles Market will look and feel welcoming, that it is easy to navigate and entices customers and trade, the council is encouraging stall holders to invest in the market. This is being done by suggesting that longer licences are introduced and putting sensible and agreed rules in place on its day-to-day running.

The proposals have been developed by the council in consultation with the Market Traders Association who have been working together across the whole planning and refurbishment process, and at meetings to which all traders are invited.

Councillor Sonja Crisp, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism,said:
“The recent refurbishment is creating significant improvements for traders and shoppers with better access, lighting, stall-layout and shared seating areas to increase the time and money spent there”. 

“We want everyone to benefit from maximising Shambles Markets potential and to do this we need to consider refreshed, clear regulations which work to the advantage of everyone who trades and shops there”.

“These form part of our hard work to create a lively hotspot of commerce in the heart of York with an offer diverse enough to be the local shopping point for residents and vibrant enough to be a ‘must see’ for visitors to the city”.

The proposals include the refurbished marketplace being the focal point for markets and the sole city centre location where markets will be held with the exception of St Nicholas Fair and will accommodate all themed markets.

They also address the need to provide a diverse range of goods while welcoming casual traders, service standards and positively promoting the market.

To support traders in their planning and marketing, the report proposes that from 1 September 2015, traders will have the choice of taking either a four-week or a six-month licence which will be granted for specified days and commodities.

As ever, traders are welcome to contact to discuss opportunities at Shambles Market.

To find out more about the Decision Session, or to attend, visit: