If we do what we have always done then we will get what we have always got!

As I sit here and write my column for the July edition of the MTN it is the 22nd of June and I am thinking about the big day tomorrow and how people will vote in the controversial “Brexit”

Last Sunday was father’s day and whilst I was trying to enjoy a meal with my family in my favourite Chinese restaurant I couldn’t help but hear the heated discussions coming from the table behind me all about “Brexit” and how they were going to vote, the family seemed divided on the subject based on opinions they had gathered mainly from social media, T.V. debates and crazy scare tactic statements made from both sides of the camp. It always upsets me to see family’s falling out let alone on Father’s day although this is a decision that does seem to have divided the most united of family’s.

In my eyes the whole “Brexit” campaign has been a public relations disaster for most of the politicians on both sides from the start and to me has made us (the working class people of Great Britain) even more cynical and suspicious of politicians, let’s face it we have seen both sides wheel out people than we had long forgotten about to try and relate to as many people as possible in either side of the argument and the thing that annoys me more than anything is that most of the people have plain and simply lied to try and sway opinion, now I know that saying someone is a liar is a big thing to claim and I have not got the time to explain the individuals, from which side and what they I think they have lied about, nor am I going to try and prove anybody wrong although what I always try and do is concentrate on the truth.

The truth is that no one has a clue what will happen if we leave the E.U. that’s right I said it, let’s face it if they did they would also be able to predict the stock markets and maybe even next week’s lottery numbers, although of course if we remain a part of the EU, things will, remain the same.

By now we will have all the votes counted and verified and we will know as a nation if we are staying in the EU or leaving and by now hopefully you will all agree with what I am saying now which is, not one person on the planet has any idea what will happen if we have left the E.U.

If we have LEFT then hopefully things will change for the better and if we have REMAINED part of the EU then things will remain the same so if we have let’s just hope that we don’t hear people that voted “remain” moaning about the same old things they aren’t happy with because of the E.U. when they did in fact have a chance for change.

So what is my point and what on earth does this have to do with Market Trading?

Well as traders there are two types, those of us that moan about things all the time, do what we have always done and get what we have always got.

And then there those of us that want change, so change what they are doing and get a different result.

Which one are you? It really is your choice.

If we do not evolve we become extinct.

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