Discover the Very Best London Street Food Markets

If you’re a foodie eager to sample the latest and greatest from London’s street food markets and pop-ups, Expedia’s new London Street Food Taste Tour map is just the tool for you! Browse the map at your leisure or select a specific borough and see what it has to offer; Expedia has handily provided the opening dates, times and address of each market. We promise you’ll find something tasty and unique wherever you visit.

It’s incredible how vast the range of dishes can be within a single market. Soho’s Berwick Street Market for example boasts the ‘Pit Stop Cafe’, offering an assortment of dishes from Singapore noodles to a Malaysian curry. ‘Tongue ‘n Cheek’ meanwhile serves the beef and ox heart Heartbreaker Burger, or if you’re after something a little healthier, visit ‘Savage Salads’ – bringing to London supremely tasty wholesome food that won’t have you worrying over calories.

Open all year round, Islington’s Chapel Market is a little different, combining delicious street food with affordable good-quality produce and a Sunday farmer’s market. Slow-cooked BBQ food is offered by ‘Smokin’ Aces’, while the Mekong Delta-inspired cuisine of the ‘Little Viet Kitchen’ is served at a stall and restaurant. The farmer’s market has a wide range of local produce, from fresh fruit and vegetables to meat, poultry and eggs.

If you’re looking for more of a party atmosphere, check out Hawker House in Canada Water. For seafood fans, ‘Prawnography’ is well worth checking out, serving up XL prawns in garlic butter. Taco lovers too are in for a treat, with both ‘Breddos Tacos’ and the Korean ‘Kimchinary’ presenting something special.

And then why not continue your globe-trotting food odyssey with a trip to Camden’s Kerb Food Market? Here you’ll receive a tasty introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine courtesy of ‘Kothu Kothu’. There’s also Greek, Japanese and Italian gastronomy to sample in this beautifully varied market within easy reach of King’s Cross station.