Hanley Market has everything you could want from a market and much more 

North Staffordshire has a long association with markets with various documents indicating that markets were held by custom from the Middle Ages with records of stall charges dating back to 1392. With the growth of the industrial revolution came North Staffordshire’s emergence as a significant coal mining area and as the major manufacturing base for pottery. The six towns of the potteries; namely Tunstall, Burslem, Hanley, Stoke, Fenton and Longton then began to dominate their local areas each vying to have the best town hall and market. The largest of these markets and ultimately the dominant town was Hanley.

Hanley Market 1There has been a recorded market in Hanley since the early 1600’s, though it was 1791 before the then Lord of the Manor, John Bagnall, granted a 200 year lease to allow a market hall to be built. By 1850 Hanley had a specialist meat market, a fish market, a cattle market and the new retail market, which at the time was the biggest municipal building in the City. By the 1880’s the area was sufficiently developed to promote a separate ‘County of the Potteries’, though this was unsuccessful. On Thursday 31st March 1910 the County Borough of Stoke on- Trent came into being. By the time of the ‘Potteries’ gaining City status on 5th June 1925 the markets were operated totally by the local authority. The general market was demolished in the early 1980’s to make way for the redevelopment of Hanley City Centre and the building of its regional shopping centre. The current Hanley market still stands on the site of the 1849 general market as part of the Intu Potteries Shopping Centre. This market opened in November 1987. Hanley Market has everything you could want from a market and much more.

It has 130 stalls, with over 65 businesses selling a great variety of products and offers a range of services including a cobblers, a tailors, a locksmith, a photographer’s studio, picture framing, hairdressing and beauty treatments. It is open Monday to Saturday from 09.00am to 5.00pm, with the doors opening from 08.00am. The four café’s and butchers also open at this time too. As you walk around the market you are greeted by warm friendly traders and welcomed into the community they have built. One where traders and customers support each other alike. Many of the traders commented how it was more like being involved in a giant family and this does come across when you see the smiles on the trader’s faces and plenty of interaction between themselves and customers. It creates a brilliant atmosphere for all who visit. The traders work closely with the market staff and where they can, make sure any problems or issues raised and dealt with as quickly and as professionally as possible. Being based on the ground floor of the shopping centre and being connected by escalators and lifts to the car park and shops means many people who go to look around the department stalls then visit the market. It also works the other way where people who go to market then go up the escalators, meaning there is a constant flow of footfall. Many events are held at the market each year including the national ‘Love Your Local Market’ campaign and later on this month they are holding a charity fundraiser, raising money for two charities close to the traders hearts.

Hanley Market 2There will be many fun filled activities happening to try and raise as much as they can. Last year the market managed to raise over £3500. Also throughout the year there are many competitions run by the council, giving customers to market the chance to win prizes. The market traders also vote on opening the four Sundays before Christmas and have a Christmas Grotto, face painting and much much more going on to attract people to the market. Hanley Market also has close links to the nearby schools, colleges and University and often promote the market to these to encourage students to get involved with the market. By promoting competitions for children at the schools mean they are then likely to go home and want to come to the market with their parents, therefore increasing the footfall to the market. There are currently a few spaces available for traders at the indoor market and anyone who has the enthusiasm to get involved and be a part of the fantastic community already created at Hanley Market is welcome to apply.

You can pick an application form up from any of the Stoke-on-Trent council run markets, alternatively you can visit www.stoke.gov.uk/markets and print off a form. It is recommended that you visit the market to be showed round and discuss your ideas for what sort of pitch you are looking for and how to proceed. All lines will be considered. The price of a basic pitch at Hanley Indoor Market is £137.13 for a week and this excludes electric. If you are interested in becoming a trader or would like further information please contact either Paul Pike (paul.pike@stoke.gov.uk) or Kelly White (kelly.white@stoke.go.uk) on 01782 212561.

Market Officer, Kelly White, told MTN,
“Hanley is the largest of Stoke on Trent’s eight markets all run by the city council, it is such a pleasure working in the town centre and meeting the characters of the town. Having been involved in markets for the majority of my life I’ve seen the times and trends changes but Hanley traders seem to adapt very well to keep up with the ever changing retail trade. We always love seeing new traders with new ideas to add to the mix so I’d say to anyone thinking about starting in Markets it’s a great time to do so. All the traders in Hanley are very welcoming and they all help each other and with a smile on their face which makes the working day an enjoyable one”.

Hanley also has an outdoor market surrounding the indoor market, with 19 pitches starting at £38.28 per day for casual traders. There are a variety of goods on offer from fresh fruit and vegetables, hot potatoes and chickens, pet goods and cosmetics to haberdashery and much more. Spaces are available and if you are interested in trading at the market or if you have any further questions please contact the market on the same details provided for the indoor market.

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Telephone 01782 212561