What’s your dream job?

vv main logo circleWell mine, for the past 5 years or so, has been to run my own record store. When I made the move to London from Brighton in 2011, it didn’t take me long to notice there wasn’t a local record store near me in East London that seemed to offer what I was looking for – a friendly environment offering a wide-selection of genres, with an emphasis on new-releases. After years of complaining about this, usually to friends in the pub, I decided to look into the idea of starting my own record store.
With very little money myself and no chance of getting a loan for a business I had no actual prior experience in, it seemed this was well and truly a pipe-dream. Until – brainwave – why not start with a market stall? It made perfect sense, so I enquired and the guys at Broadway Market/The Schoolyard loved my idea of selling and spinning vinyl at the market.
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Venus Vinyl opened for business on the last weekend of August 2014, and it’s been a great success so far. We provide music for the whole market and create a really great vibe for people to enjoy themselves, whilst also promoting the records we are selling. It’s great engaging with people on the market and meeting like minded music fanatics.

Obviously, dealing in a niche market such as vinyl, you aren’t always going to make huge sales, and selling on a market is very weather and weekly dependent. This is something you need to bare in-mind, especially during those cold, quiet winter weeks! But if you’ve been dreaming of starting up your own business, whatever it may be, starting off at a market is a great way to go. It doesn’t require huge start-up costs and it gives you the opportunity to test the water with your business – it is, quite literally, market research!

Venus Vinyl now has an online store

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This article was written and supplied to Market Trade News by Benjamin Venus