Ralph has been Market Supervisor at Mexborough market for the past 26 1/2 years having been employed by Doncaster Council for almost 40 years. Ralph’s career with Doncaster Council started with temporary employment in April 1975 driving a chemical weed control vehicle. Over the years Ralph has worked on road sweeping, as a highway maintenance driver, erecting street name plates, repairing footpath paving and road tarmac re-laying. This was followed by 11 years as a refuse operative (Dustman in the days when bins were carried on the shoulder) covering all the streets in Mexborough. During his time as a refuse operative, Ralph also took on the role of union shop steward and safety representative. His main achievement as safety representative was attending consultative committee meetings in Doncaster Mansion house and he successfully instigated the fitting of amber flashing beacons to all refuse vehicles. On 11th July 1988 Ralph’s role changed from refuse operative to his current post of Mexborough’s Market Supervisor. While managing the outer and indoor markets, Ralph introduced music to the market hall by bringing his Hi-Fi system to work and placing it on top of his office to play Christmas carols. This proved so popular that the market’s department agreed to put in a music/ PA system.

Ralph also successfully got window flower boxes and heating installed in the hall. Ralph says:
“The unfortunate turn in people’s shopping habits, Sunday trading and supermarkets have seen the market industry hit hard, although the recent couple of years have seen some markets improve. I am hopeful that the proposed redevelopment of Mexborough’s outer market, to start early in 2015, will encourage an increase in trade for our devoted, friendly traders.
“A very big thank you, happy Christmas and prosperous New Year goes out to all the market traders that I have had the privilege to work with. For the few traders that come with the job and gave me grief I wish them also a good Christmas and prosperous New Year”!
“All the very best wishes go to my work colleagues, one and all.”

We wish Ralph a very happy retirement from Doncaster Council and from all of us at Mexborough Market.