REFURBISHMENT of the new market has been thirsty work for the construction contractors.

Twenty-three Faithdean employees have consumed more than 620 cups of tea since the market renovation began earlier in the year.

The work to bring the old market hall back into use is coming on well and is all set to open in less than 100 days on 19 November.

And there’s been a real Kent feel to the Queen Street project.  Of the 23 contractors, 18 of these are based in the county.

There have been 52 workers and staff in total on site over the past six months and they have worked more than 6,485 hours so far!

The scaffolding round the building took approximately 700 hours to be erected and maintained to date.

There has been approximately 17,000 roof tiles added and 34,000 copper nails used.

And all this work has happened come rain or shine. Since the work began the market refurbishment has seen all sorts of weather. The most amount of rain fell on 7 June with about 49mm falling, with the whole of June being the wettest month with approximately 193mm of rain falling.

The driest month was April and there was a record temperature logged on 19 July when it scorched at 31 degrees.

There is currently around 1,012 m² of debris netting. The canopy steel work weighs approximately 3.6 tonnes and there is roughly 600m² of insulated panels for the roof.

96 sheets of glass have been were used for the new glass ceiling – each sheet of glass 25mm thick – which amounts to over 7.2 tonnes in glass in total.

And the crane which was over the building was higher than 60 metres.

Cabinet Member for Business Delivery, Cllr Samir Jassal, said: “The work to the market is really moving forward quickly. These stats are a bit of fun but it does highlight how much work has been done so far and just how big this project is for the town.

“The market will bring a significant improvement to the town centre and having had lots of memories sent through from various people from over the years who enjoyed the old market, it’s hoped this one will have the same effect on stall holders and visitors.”