Groupe Geraud started life in business over 130 years ago in France.
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The family owned business has since grown in to the primary operator of retail and wholesale markets in Europe. In 1998 Groupe Geraud came to the UK creating Geraud Markets UK Ltd, following this the joint venture partnership with Liverpool began in 2003 creating Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd. In addition we began to win contracts across the UK to run indoor and outdoor markets. The company strives to create long and meaningful business relationships, either directly (such as the 80 stall bi weekly market in Keswick), in partnership (with both tier Councils in Stratford upon Avon and LSD Promotions), or with institutional landlords as is the case with Brixton Village and Market Row. More recently we created the ‘Market Village’ brand, developing this retail offer in shopping centres in Wales (Cwmbran), Scotland (Glasgow), London (Stratford City) and the North East (Washington).

We also deliver themed market events throughout the year (especially Christmas) and have exported this offer to Europe via our subsidiary GM Scandinavia.

So what is next?

Retailing trends continue to change at a bewildering speed, local government continues to face severe funding difficulties and the economy at the global level continues to seek stability. No pressure then! We believe in giving it a go so …. GROWTH!

We are in the business of growing our own potential and that of our partners (where this is possible of course!). In the coming months we will be recruiting staff, investing in and improving our social media platforms and digital/online presence. Influencing national policy on markets and looking for opportunities to work with likeminded private sector landlords and local authorities to develop and then deliver new ways of working through long term, investment based partnership agreements that create win/win situations in the medium to longer term.

As such, the logo you see at the top of this article encapsulates just that ‘working hand in hand with you’ is what the Company has always been about and what it will continue to strive for going forward. So if you want to know more or just want an informal discussion on how we may be able to help please feel free to give me a ring on 0151 2332165 or drop me an e mail and take it from there?

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