Stratford-upon-Avon is one of the premier tourist destinations in country and the town’s historic markets play an important role in promoting the town as a tourist attraction. After 50 years under the same contractor, the market operation was put out for tender in 2012 to ensure the best value for the councils and to breathe new life into the markets. Geraud Markets UK Ltd and LSD Promotions Ltd, who have maintained dialogue for many years, made a decision to collaborate for the five year tender. Malcolm Veigas Geraud Markets UK Chief Operating Officer said ‘The first two years has been very successful with the partnership seeing an increase revenue and the enhancement of the market via significant investment by the company.’

Since being awarded the contract, the partnership has:

Δ Increased income for the councils and reduced costs.

Δ Increased the footprint of the market, raising the number of stalls and visitors per week.

Δ Improved the visual quality of the markets by investing in new stalls

Δ Increased the number of markets held

Δ Brought new energy into the markets and boosted trader relations

Δ Engendered a partnership with senior council representatives.

Δ Introduced discounted trial incentives to encourage new traders and new business

Δ Adapted procedures to meet the current and future needs of the market

Δ Reduced waste going to landfill from 100% to 5%, with 95% of waste now being recycled

Δ Has engaged with Stratforward (The towns BID team) to work together on an annual themed markets events programme for the Town.

Groupe Geraud market 4
Working hand in hand here are Councillors and officers of Stratford Town and Borough Councils,
Stratforward, the local BID Company, LSD and John Connolly and Malcolm Veigas of Geraud
Markets UK Ltd, rear left.

Group Geraud invited MTN to the recent review of the market where Cllr Diane Waldon (former Mayor) and Cllr Tessa Bates of Stratford Town Council told us,

“It has been a learning curve, but the first couple of years have been absolutely brilliant and we are really looking forward to the next three. The market is so bright and colourful now, it looks amazing. “It is also really encouraging to see just how many traders want to come and trade here, it’s such a massive improvement from before and the public feedback has been really good.”
“The traders feel valued and you can often see members of council shopping here. Anyone involved in local government up and down the country at the moment know it is a very difficult place to be, however one of the joys we have found is defiantly how the market has resurrected itself and it is something to be very proud of. Winning Nabma’s ‘Best Private Market of the Year Award 2014’ is true credit to the work put in by Groupe Geraud and LSD promotions.”

Tony Peddle, who sells watches and batteries at the market and has traded at Stratford for over 20 years, told MTN, “The last two years has seen a vast improvement to the market. Trade has picked up and there is a great energy around the market. The market staff of Group Geraud and LSD are fantastic, I cannot rate them highly enough. I wouldn’t be here today if they hadn’t of come in. “One of the most interesting results of the change has been I now feel that the Council really care about our market and I see people from the Council regularly shopping on the market.”

LSD Promotions Ltd managing director Dermot McGillicuddy added,
“We must acknowledge the supreme effort and hard work put in by the market manager, ground staff and traders into making Stratford-upon-Avon markets the success story they are today. I cannot thank them all enough”