Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Things continue to move in the right direction for KDA Wholesale Ltd, who opened a new 64,770 sq ft warehouse on the 19th February 2013. As the years go by, the company continues to get bigger and better. Not only are the products first class, but also the staff, they are very friendly and always willing to help.

Owner and ex-mining engineer Cliff Tibble, who had previously worked in the local mines for 19 years, decided to try his hand at market trading in 1999 and purchased a van and set up his new business.

Cliff stood at various markets through out Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Cliff realised that most of the tool hardware wholesalers in the North of England were located in the Manchester area and that there was a shortage of them to the east of the Pennines. From the bulk quantities of stock Cliff was buying from various wholesalers, he started supplying local markets and hardware shops from stock he was carrying in his van and keeping in his garden shed. To increase his storage space to continue supplying his customers he rented a 200 sq ft unit in a builders yard that same year.

Things started well for the business and the following year he moved into a 800 sq ft modern unit and things continued to go well, the business has changed locations a few times, each time moving to bigger warehouses to cope with the demand.

KDA Wholesale has recently added 4,500 new product lines to their new premises, making it an even more impressive place to shop. KDA’s range is huge and is broken down into the following categories:

KDA Wholesale 1• Household Items

• Kitchenware/Beauty Products/ Bathroom Accessories

• Catering/Storage Containers

• Electrical Accessories

• Batteries/Light Bulbs

• Workwear/Car Accessories

• Stationery

• Gardening/Pet Care

• Tools

• Hardware

• Wood Care

• Paints/Decorating

• Building Products/Plumbing Accessories

Goods are sold on a cash and carry self-service basis, with customers using supermarket-type trolleys and with his experience of markets and the knowledge Cliff has passed onto his staff, they can also advise on which lines are the best sellers.

KDA Wholesale 2New lines are constantly being introduced and it is Cliff’s intention to continue adding new lines whilst maintaining his excellent prices. They currently have one of the largest tool aisles in the UK, measuring over 133ft long and the ironmongery aisle isn’t far behind it. Also, if there is an item that is not currently stocked by KDA if you request it to a member of staff they will endeavour to get the product into stock for you at the best price.

All the labelled products at KDAWholesale Ltd are priced including VAT, therefore making it easier for customers to know exactly what they are spending without having to work it out all the time. Where they can, KDA also try to ensure as many products as possible are sourced in the UK.

KDA Wholesale Ltd is conveniently located just one mile from junction 37 of the M1 Motorway. Any trader who fills in the Card Membership Form in this feature and brings a photo ID and two business invoices with them, will qualify for a FREE MEMBERSHIP to KDA. They are currently working on the website, which will give customers more information.

People travel from all over the UK to visit the warehouse and take full advantage of the amount of products available at the fantastic prices. Right outside the new building there are in excess of 100 free car parking spaces and customers’ vehicles can be easily loaded in a quiet and safe environment.

If you have any further questions, or any information you would like to find out about KDA Wholesale Ltd, do not hesitate to contact them on 01226 786 333 or visit the warehouse at Fall Bank Industrial Estate, Dodworth, Barnsley, S75 3LS.

Managing Director, Cliff Tibble, told MTN,
“When we first opened, we were one of the few tool wholesalers in the North of England not based in the Manchester area and our appeal was to traders on this side of the Pennines. However, as the business has grown over the years customers have requested non tool items, which we have competitively sourced. The fact we are open seven days a week is a real benefit to some traders who have difficulty finding time for restocking during the week.”

“The main reason for our success is that we listen to what our customers want and try our best to stock what they need.”

He continued,
“We believe in running a very friendly operation and believe our low prices, coupled with the friendly, informed service that we provide, are the reasons we have so many loyal customers.”

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