Market Trade News have just launched their brand new website. It is still undergoing changes and tweaks, but we have opened it up for you to view and get a good feel of.
Please share this to your traders so we can get them all listed completely FREE of charge. We want to promote YOUR traders, they can showcase their stall, let people know where they trade and what their social media details etc are.
It is such a simple process and only take 5 minutes, not only this but they can use the expertise of our staff to help create the listing for them.
Once they have made a listing we will be informed of this and we can check that everything is ok or perhaps advise the trader on alternative text or images etc. We then simply approve it for them after that.
They will then have their own account and can change images, add special offers etc as and when they need to.
Please be aware that we have only listed a few categories at the moment, but more and more are going to added. If your field is not listed, simply let us know and we will add it.