London-based startup Feast It launch ‘Airbnb’ for event and street food catering.

On January 17th 2017 the London-based startup Feast It will launch a website that will streamline the complicated (and rather boring) process of booking the perfect event caterer.

Working in partnership with over 100 of London’s leading street food vendors and restaurants including Patty & Bun, The Breakfast Club, Dirty Burger, Blu Top Ice Cream and The Cheese Truck, Feast It will offer a platform enabling event planners and businesses to discover, compare and book their ideal caterer for any event in a matter of minutes, all on one site.

Co-founder Digby Vollrath:
“Having worked in events and festivals for years we really wanted to create a platform that would take as much of the hassle out of organising events, as well as celebrate London’s incredible independant culinary scene. The process of booking catering hasn’t really changed over the last 10 years; it’s needlessly labour intensive and almost impossible to find the full range of food that’s actually available when you need it. We wanted to create a platform that helps people realise the amazingly diverse and delicious options available to them as well as book event catering from the chefs they already love!”

While Feast It is launching into the exploding UK street food scene (estimated to be worth over £1bn and growing at over 20% per annum) the long-term ambition is to move into more traditional aspects of the catering industry (estimated to be worth $48bn in Europe), as well as partnering with leading craft breweries, entertainers, and other suppliers to offer a platform that will let users book everything they need for their next party or event.
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Co-founder Hugo Campbell:
“It’s been amazing that we’ve been able to partner with so many incredible and well known suppliers from day one. I really believe that street food catering is a more diverse, exciting, and tastier option than traditional ‘silver service’ catering and I don’t think people realise that on average it’s a quarter of the price per head. We really hope that Feast It can help people find the perfect food for their special event and take out all of the legwork that usually comes with that!”

Feast It was born in May 2016 when childhood best friends Digby and Hugo realised there was a huge gap in the market for a platform letting people book their ideal caterer… thirty phone calls into trying to organise Hugo’s mum’s 50th. Digby Vollrath has extensive international experience in festivals and events having worked in Washington DC, LA, and London. Hugo Campbell was previously a journalist with experience at The Evening Standard, London Live, The Telegraph and The Independent.

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