A market manager has been thanked once again after handing over yet another cash boost to the prospect hospice he has been supporting for over six years. Maurice Mapson, market manager of Blunsdon Indoor Market in Swindon, recently donated a heft £7,250.65 to the fundraising team at the nearby hospice.

Mr Mapson has raised the money through the sale of unwanted items left by car boot sellers at Blunsdon Car Boot and Market. This year’s total is the largest sum of money Maurice has collected since the introduction of his innovative recycling scheme more than six years ago.

Maurice told MTN,
“We always have a car boot sale at Blunsdon Market three days a week and we often find that what people don’t sell would just get left behind and put in the bin. I thought that it was always possible that someone might be interested in these items, so we left them on a stall with an honesty box.”

“Over the years it’s just grown and grown. We are absolutely delighted to have raised so much money from things that would otherwise have been thrown away.”

During the six years Maurice has been overseeing the scheme more than £30,000 has been raised for the prospect hospice through the sale of recycled goods at the market. Maurice believes that the reputation and high standing of the local hospice has been critical for the support generated by all who use the market.

“Everyone knows someone who has been cared for by the hospice and because of that people generally put an appropriate donation into the box. The traders feel strongly about it, as do I, and many of them give items towards a raffle that takes place just before Christmas, this raised a further £300.00. The prospect is seen by many as our charity and it will continue to be so in 2015.”