NABMA Diploma in Market Administration Markets are brilliant for learning about business

The management skills gained from operating a retail market are perfect for managing other commercial portfolios.

Warrington’s exiting Market Manager, Stephen Pickering, says he has noticed a lot of market managers do not realise the wealth of experience they have already obtained through managing a market place and how valuable that makes them as an individual, dealing with important commercial resources.

The Nabma Diploma in Market Administration (DMA) aims to provide formal recognition to those who already have experience in management, whilst at the same time offering a valuable grounding to staff that are fairly new to the area of retail markets. The course, delivered over six days, tackles areas such as specialist market law, human resources, promotions, dealing with the press, health and safety legislation, trading standards issues, event organisation as well as commercial business planning, which brings together all of the required skill sets.

Specialist companies would often be employed to deal with these aspects of the business when dealing with other commercial operations, such as large shopping centres, city centre management and running a country park estate, However, in market management it is often down to the manager and sometimes a small team, to deliver most of these skills alone, which is why markets provide a fantastic grounding and understanding for overall business management. Local Authorities in particular are increasingly challenged on how they operate certain services and are questioned about whether they can deliver services with fewer resources.

The answer can be YES as long as long as the resources are the right ones. This is why NABMA in partnership with the Institute of Place Management are offering this formal qualification with accreditation from the Manchester Metropolitan University to highlight the multifunctional skills of market management.

During his role as Market Manager, Stephen, who will be assisting in the DMA course, has been fortunate to be seconded to managing a large country estate in Cornwall, as well as delivering large town centre events in Warrington and most recently, designing and project manging a £10million new market hall. ‘Without the skills obtained through operating a market I would never have had these exciting opportunities.’

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