NABMA/ LGA “Festive Cheer” Christmas Markets Research Project

NABMA Market Place has been commissioned by the Local Government Association (LGA) to conduct research into “Festive Cheer – The Local Impact of  Christmas Markets”.

This is a research programme to determine the economic benefits of Christmas Markets to the local and national economy with particular emphasis on Tourism. We are seeking a number of partner members who operate Christmas Markets to take part in this national research. We are looking to find 10 partners to case study their Festive Markets whether they be the big 4-6week events in major City Centres or a small Victorian or other themed Market held on one or two days. We want a good cross section of representation in this research group to showcase the varying styles, sizes, durations, themes and locations.

If you are interested in taking part in this brief research group and if you have collated any economic feedback about your Festive events then please contact Allan Hartwell on 0161 478 6060 or 07811 131973.

All those participating will be acknowledged in the final document.