Ever feel like you spend more time sending documents to market managers than actually trading? Life would be easier if you could share your trading documents with any given manager in one place, right? Well here’s some good news for you…

ncassconnectillThe Nationwide Caterers Association has just brought out a new, FREE service that helps both food and non-food traders to connect with market organisers. Fittingly, it’s called NCASS Connect and it provides users with a passport to fill with documents and information. The system is designed not only to help you share documents with managers, but also to reduce the amount of unnecessary inspections that you undergo. 


Reducing inspections with your FREE service

With NCASS Connect, local authorities are better equipped to target their resources. Enforcement officers will view your passport and decide if your business requires inspection when you’re working in their area. Connect also allows different councils to request inspections from each other and view previous inspections. So if you’ve been visited recently, they might decide not to inspect you.

Safeguard your future for trading

The Food Standards Agency are looking to add details of NCASS Connect to their Food Law Code of Practice guidance notes, to suggest that all EHOs, traders and market organisers can use the system to manage mobile businesses.

To date, 200 event and market managers have already registered for the service, as have 140 environmental health departments. Several events successfully used the system during its BETA phase to organise their traders and retain documents, including WOMAD and Swingamajig festivals.
ncass connect image 1
How does NCASS Connect work?

When you want to work at a market or event, you simply click to grant the organiser and EHO access to view your passport. That means no more posting documents or uploading them for every market you work at. And loss, damage or forgetfulness won’t be such an issue with your documentation held safely online.

Why should you sign up for your FREE passport?

  • You’ll have a lot less administration and paperwork to do
  • You’ll see a reduction in the number of inspections you receive
  • You’ll save lots of time and money
  • You’ll safeguard your future for trading at events
  • It’s FREE!

How do you sign up?

NCASS members have been signed up to the FULL passport and all of the documents we hold can already be viewed. If you’re not a member and you want to take advantage of the free trader passport, click here to sign up. To find out more about the full Connect passport and its benefits, please call our membership team on 0121 603 2524.