Late last year the Nationwide Caterers Association received confirmation from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) that our inspection plan has been accepted and will be brought into practice in 2016.

You’re probably thinking either, “I have no idea what that is” or “that sounds boring”. We understand. But it’s actually pretty incredible news for caterers, for loads of reasons.

What is the NCASS Inspection Plan?

If you’re a mobile caterer you’ve probably already noticed how EHOs in different local authorities carry out hygiene inspections in different ways. That’s because they each interpret the Food Law Code of Practice then create their own plans for inspecting caterers. But now, it’s a legal requirement for all NCASS members to be inspected to one standard; The NCASS Inspection Plan.

First ever consistent hygiene ratings across the UK

Because of the NCASS Inspection Plan, food hygiene ratings will be consistent between NCASS members across the whole of the United Kingdom.

That means that as an NCASS member you wouldn’t need to worry about making different preparations for inspections across council borders. Only as an NCASS member would your catering business now be assessed according to the same inspection plan, no matter where you are trading.

With this latest development, our members are taking a huge, no GIANT, leap ahead in the UK catering industry. Event organisers will be confident in their hygiene standards under the new regime, and more likely to hire them as a result. Not an NCASS member yet? Don’t envy them, join them!

Why exactly could the inspection plan be such good news for your business?

  • Consistency across council borders for the first time (so you don’t need to worry that you might be unfairly inspected compared to other caterers in different areas)
  • You can access the plan for use during preparation for all future inspections, so you should be able to score higher
  • You’re less likely to be overinspected – Environmental Health Departments will have much greater confidence in your hygiene rating
  • You’re more likely to get work and earn money – event organisers will have greater confidence in your hygiene standards now too
  • It’s another thing that, as an NCASS member, makes you stand out from other caterers

Find out more about joining NCASS at membership and start preparing for your level 5 rating now!