. . . but not the physical kind

The New Year always brings about the same question, what is your New Year resolution? Usually all you hear is “join a gym” Well I am going to be honest as usual and when people ask me what mine is and say “make more money” now those of you know me know that I don’t mean that in an arrogant way although I do think that is high time we all stopped feeling bad for saying we want more cold hard cash! Money motivates all of us albeit for different reasons, some of us like the finer things in life, eating and the finest restaurants and shopping at the finest stores, some of like to show our wealth off with fancy cars and jewellery, some of us like to share our wealth and use it to create a better life for others. I personally love making money as it creates more time for me to spend with my family, pays for memorable times such as holidays with a bit left over for supporting the odd charity here and there, whatever our motivations we all want more of it!

So as far I know (and believe me I have tried most things) there are no “get rich quick” schemes out there and if that wasn’t bad enough my money tree has had an awful harvest for the 36th year running!

In the new year after another year has passed and another Christmas miracle didn’t happen I always reflect on the previous year, what and who made me happy or indeed sad and of course what made me MONEY! I believe that we become a true reflection of the people we spend the most time with, if we spend time with happy positive people, guess what? We become happy and positive people, on the flip side it is no surprise that if we spend time with sad negative people, we will, of course, become sad and negative, now I am not recommending anyone falls out with anyone here although it is always an idea to have a think about who you spend the most time with and if they bring out the best version of you!

The same rule can be used in business and applied to help us make more MONEY! Every New Year I look back on my figures for each month and scrutinise every penny that came in and went out, working out exactly when I made the most money and most importantly what were the contributing factors? The market I was standing? The product I was selling? My rents? My staff wages? The results always surprise me, don’t get me wrong I know exactly what my bottom line profit is every week although the quiet month of January is a great time to delve into the details of what didn’t make or even cost me money and of course stop doing it! The best part of the exercise is the next bit when you work out exactly what made you the most money and then do more of that in 2016.

We Market Traders are a resilient and creative bunch of people of course the industry we have chosen requires us to be and I know that each and everyone of us would benefit from doing this exercise today, not tomorrow, today, in fact right now, get your books out and get your plan for 2016 ready.

Make this “exercise” your new year’s resolution.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2016


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