Why not turn your dream hobby into a dream “jobby”? 

Hobbies are something we usually write on our C.V.s to encourage people to employ us, but how about thinking outside the box and using our hobbies to help us get employed…. by ourselves! 

I know that may sound crazy but let me explain the method in my madness. The most successful people I know do something for a living that they love. I do a few different things these days, although the one that brings home the bacon is the one that I really enjoy doing, motivational speaking and training. I love helping people help themselves and because of this my speaking business always performs better than anything else I am involved with. We all have friends who are talented in different areas, sewing, textiles, pottery, dog walking (yes dog walking) pet grooming, baking, carpentry, furniture restoration, you name it people are into all sorts of weird and wonderful hobbies, so why not encourage them to make their hobby financially rewarding. They could become self-sufficient, or even better they could even turn it into a business!

A market stall provides a brilliant base to start literally any kind of business on a shoe string budget and get a real feel for what the public really want whilst getting paid to do it.

I have worked with many different businesses across many different industries on how to save money and make more of it and recently I was approached by a company who wanted to try a new way of launching a range of products, their old way was to pay thousands of pounds for a “focus group” of people to come and tell them what they think of it, I encouraged them to give trading a try instead, not only did they get amazing feedback from the great British Public instantly they also earned some profit, getting paid as opposed to paying to gather crucial information on what products in their range sold, which didn’t and which ones were worth putting into main stream production and which ones weren’t, they set to work putting the most popular products into production and even kept the stall on to become a sustainable way of helping staff build confidence and train them to sell rather than paying out thousands of pounds on sales trainers.

Big businesses love it when you can make things simpler for them and love it even more when you can save them money, but it’s not just big businesses that can benefit from the “Hobby Jobby” technique.

We all have that friend that we know who has a real untapped talent and now is the time for you to inspire them to give trading a try! You can sell literally anything on a market stall so why not have a word with your market inspector to get your mates a start-up deal that they can’t refuse? In turn they get to make their dreams a reality and get a real feel for if their product or service has the legs to be a viable business, building their confidence and sales skills whilst they are it, I get lots of emails from struggling markets and this is always a great way to fill stalls and bring some fresh blood into the market place, whether it’s a mate drumming up business for their brand new dog walking business, friend who has always had a passion for photography or a pal who is great at building garden furniture get them down to your market and see what it is all about and help them turn their hobby into a jobby! Want to run an idea past me or need help coming up with one?

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