CyberCig 5They strive to offer their customers not only a product that is an alternative to a traditional cigarette but a whole range of options that will fit in with the customers own personal needs and style.

Alongside this, Cybercig also ensure that everything they sell is of the highest quality, meaning customers can rest assured that the products they are purchasing are going to do the job there intended to do. Robert Wisniewski and his son Joseph started the company 3 years ago, trading from their garage at home. Robert has been in the construction business for 43 years and decided he wanted to add another business to his portfolio. Being a heavy smoker himself, Robert was introduced to E-Cigarettes by a friend and this is when he saw a gap in the market and decided to research the product further. He followed this up with a trip to China to look around several factories where E-Cigarettes are produced.

CyberCig 4It was very important to Robert, while looking around the factories, that the quality of the product was of the highest standard and only when he found the best possible products did he begin to import them. Cybercig first imported regular E-Cigarettes as they felt the alternative products were not ready for market, the standard was simply not good enough at that time. However, once they were happy with the refillable product, Robert visited China again to give his approval on them and then added these new products to their growing business. The success of the business meant that they needed to expand their premises and in May 2014 they got the keys for their warehouse at Woodmoor Court Business Park, which is four times bigger than where they were previously. They refurbished the warehouse and they began trading from the new premises at the end of June. In partnership with their manufacturing team they have tirelessly worked to ensue as many tastes are catered for as possible. Cybercig products offer a variety of flavours, strengths and designs. Available for customers that have never used an electronic cigarette before is an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit to E-Cigarettes produced specifically with women in mind, to the ease of Disposable E-Cigarettes. Gone are the days where an E-Cigarette was an awkward looking object that drew attention for all the wrong reasons, now from Cybercig you can buy an electronic cigarette that’s fashionable, functional and so similar to smoking a real cigarette you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner. Inhaling an E-Cigarette is exactly the same as a traditional tobacco product. As you inhale from the filter end you will receive a measured amount of nicotine, vapour will be released and exhaled as normal. There’s no ash, no smoke and no dangers to those around you, making it completely legal to use inside any building. Cybercig products contain absolutely NO tobacco and NO tar. You will also never smell of stale tobacco smoke!

Cybercig brands in further detail: Cybercig Disposable – As the name signifies this E-Cigarette is a simple device that’s used and then disposed of. It does not have a rechargeable battery and is not refillable.

Cybercig Reusable – The reusable, refillable option that can be recharged a number of times. The cartridge or atomizer can be changed when empty and replaced with a new one, available from

Cybercig U Fill – This product allows you to experiment and find your perfect strength E-Cig. Ideal for those who prefer to experiment with different strengths and flavours of E Liquid. It’s extremely easy to use, robust, reliable and rechargeable and comes with an E-Tank that you fill yourself with the desired strength E-Liquid.

Cybercig Rapture E-Liquid – This product goes hand in hand with the Cybercig- U-Fill. Available in a variety of flavours and strengths and the E-Cig E-Liquids come in a convenient 10ml bottle. Their E-Liquid has been extensively tested for safety and quality; at Cybercig they only offer their customers the very best.

BRAND NEW PRODUCT AVAILABLE AT CYBERCIG FROM DECEMBER – The Cybercig Kalista 1 – This fantastic new product is available in nine different colours; it has a brilliant atomizer tank that vapes a treat. This new product is very petite but still delivers a powerful vape. The colour choice is amazing. A real step up in terms of reliability and quality.

CyberCig 1To complement the Cybercig range they also stock a vast array of products from high quality manufactures such as: Katady Design, Innokin Technology, Kanger Tech, Aspire and Kamry tech. All the products offered from these manufactures are the genuine article. Every product available at Cybercig is tested multiple times internally and is also sent out to a handpicked team of external reviewers. If there is any doubt about the product they simply do not sell it. Why do Cybercig do this?

They desire to provide all their customers with the very best products. That means on average, for every product available on their website, they rejected three others. Quality and safety is very important to Cybercig and with many counterfeit products available in the E-Cigarette world, they work tirelessly to ensure customers are getting nothing but the best products. Cybercig are here for the long term and not only do they strive to bring you the best products possible, you also get a brilliant service with that. They will help customers in anyway they can and offer a fantastic returns policy if you do have a problem with a product. The website is very informative and gives you a great insight into E-Cigarettes, answering many questions you may have. The website is continually updated and being developed further, to make sure you are kept up to date with the latest products and information. Once you have registered on the website ( there is a minimum order of £150.00 + VAT.

You can order direct on the website, by telephone; 0844 665 5885, or via email; Customers can also arrange to visit the warehouse by booking an appointment with a member of staff. If you have any further questions or enquiries do not hesitate to contact the very friendly staff at Cybercig.



Quick delivery, good quality merchandise would recommend to any of my friends. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Helping me carrying on quitting. Well done Cybercig.
From Mrs Yvonne Charles.

Very pleased with the product that I ordered I will definitely be using Cybercig again; the product when it came was packaged very well. Also the e-juices are very good. I would certainly recommend this place to anyone. Thanks very much for a speedy delivery as well.
From Gary Hibberd.

CyberCig 2Excellent service I ordered some batteries from cybercig having searched many sites with no luck I found them to be the cheapest and they are 100% genuine which is hard to find as there are so many fakes around. I found the service excellent and super fast delivery i also found the website very user friendly. thank… more I ordered some batteries from cybercig having searched many sites with no luck, I found them to be the cheapest and they are 100% genuine, which is hard to find as there are so many fakes around. I found the service excellent and super fast delivery, I also found the website very user friendly. Thankyou again Cybercig for the trouble free experience, keep up the good work.
From Neil Andrew.

Consistently brilliant, I have ordered from Cybercig many times and regularly use their products. My items are always delivered extremely quickly and their customer service is second to none. I would definitely recommend this company.
From Charlotte.
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