Pocket guide for Stockton Market

Stockton’s Business Improvement District (BID) has produced a pocket guide of Stockton Market to highlight, ‘The diversity and variety of goods available at one of the North East’s oldest markets.’

The 700-year-old market is often referred to locally as ‘the Queen of the North’ because of the number of stalls and range of items on offer. It operates on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

In 2005, the market was relocated to its present town centre location, situated along the High Street, following a £35m regeneration of Stockton Town Centre.

The guide is available from various outlets throughout the town and showcases what each of the 100 market stalls sells and which of the three market days they are present.

As well as the weekly fresh food staples and the fashion, fabrics, Phones and soft furnishings, at Stockon Market you can get a key or your hair cut, your shoes repaired and enjoy a range of hot food.

Richard Beddard, Markets and Town Centre Cleansing Manager commented: “Stockton Market isn’t called the Queen of the North for nothing, it’s a real asset to the town and we believe the best way to showcase this is with a guide which highlights the sheer variety of goods that are on offer. We hope the guide will act as a reminder to local people to use the market and also entice visitors to come and visit Stockton.”

Karen Hindhaugh, Manager of Stockton BID, added: “The fact that we also have really affordable parking, which in many cases is free for the first hour or two makes visiting Stockton even more appealing.”