Recommend a wholesaler and you could win a FREE full page advert for YOUR market.

We understand that wholesalers are an integral part of the Market industry and maybe not enough emphasis is given to this particular sector.

Simply put though, if these wholesalers go out of business it will have a knock on effect ending up with the market trader struggling to find another supplier which in turn could force the trader to leave market trading altogether.

Markets and their traders don’t have it easy so that is why Market Trade News have come up with this idea.

Market Trade News are asking for Market Traders to recommend a wholesaler. If you buy from a particular wholesaler or use several wholesalers then please let us know.

By recommending a trusted wholesaler we can encourage other market traders/startups to buy from these wholesalers and as they have already been recommended by other market traders it stands the wholesaler in good stead to pick up brand new business.

The flip side to this idea is that if you recommend a wholesaler then you must suggest a market in the form below.  This market will be entered into a draw and could win a FREE advert in the Market Trade News magazine.

Nearly ALL Markets have had their budgets slashed and its usually the advertising budget that goes first. How can a market operate without a marketing budget ? Answer is, it cant.
So by recommending a wholesaler you will also be helping the Market promote itself in the Market Trade News magazine.

Please note there is a button to check in the form. If you want your details to remain confidential, please check it. If not we will let the people know that you have recommended the wholesaler.


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