The Mayor of Rotherham went on a shopping trip to see for herself the town’s bigger and better popular Tuesday street market.

On Tuesday, July 7, the Mayor of Rotherham, Coun. Maggi Clark officially launched the extended market on Effingham Street, which has increased from 62 stalls to 95 and will extend into Effingham Square itself.

In 2002 the street market extended from 40 to 62 stalls and in 2012 won the NABMA national award for the Best Street Market 2012.

Now Rotherham Council has extended the market again from 62 to 95 stalls, together with an additional 14 promotional pitch areas. Subject to availability, traders will be able to rent a stall from as little as £10, and it is expected these will be quickly snapped up as there is already a waiting list of traders wanting extra stalls. Rotherham Council’s Market Service is confident that the additional stalls will be fully occupied within three months of being introduced.

Gala Tents (which provided the gazebos) traded on the day and again a good news story for the council supporting local businesses.

Rotherham New Market Stalls 1Coun. Denis Lelliott, Advisory Cabinet Member for Housing and the Local Economy, said:
“It was a marvellous day for both traders and shoppers in Rotherham.”
She added:
“Tuesdays used to be very quiet in Rotherham but now they are one of the busiest days of the week. This latest investment in the street market by the council will give even more choice and value for money for visitors to the town centre and the markets in particular. Over four million customers supported the Centenary Market Hall last year.”



The existing 62 gazebos for the street market have been replaced and an additional 33 purchased to create 95 trading areas.

Following a competitive tender process the new gazebos were bought from local Rotherham company, Gala Tents.

Jason Mace Managing Director of Gala Tents said:
“The company is delighted to be part of this project. We believe the council has definitely got the right idea for generating new business in Rotherham as the increase in footfall from the new Tesco is a huge benefit to Rotherham markets.”


The Markets Operations Manager Dean Thurlow said:
“The opening event was brilliantly supported by both the traders and our local community resulting in a vibrant traditional market that will benefit not only Rotherham but South Yorkshire as a whole.”