Keswick Market wins the Best Large Outdoor Market Award at the 2015 Great British Market Awards.

It is said that good things to come to those who wait, this saying is never more true than in the case of Keswick Market and at the recent awards they finally got what they deserved. Keswick Market is a fantastic place to go whether you are trading or visiting. The people are very friendly and welcome visitors from near and far, with many tourists travelling from all over the globe to visit the town. The market is based in the heart of the Lake District and takes place on a Thursday (February to December 31st) and Saturday throughout the year. There is an eclectic range of goods available at the market, something for everyone, whether you are doing your weekly shop or looking for that something a bit different. All of the traders have a vast amount of knowledge about their goods and offer customers any help or advice they need.

Part of the GM UK Ltd team
Part of the GM UK Ltd team

All of the traders believe that Keswick Market is one of the best in the country and this comes across by the way they talk about the town, the market and the market management. It is also shown by all the hard work they put in to make sure all who visit receive the best market experience possible and leave wanting to come back again. There is a very long waiting list of traders wanting to stand at Keswick Market, this is because of the brilliant reputation that it has and it’s a real credit to the management that the traders they have very rarely move on. The local community are keen supporters of the market and the traders acknowledge this and in return are often raising money for local charities or for local groups.

Keswick market award 2GM (UK) Ltd’s John Connolly told MTN,
“We are obviously delighted with winning such a prestigious award and believe it’s fitting that Keswick was chosen. The market symbolises all that’s good in markets, it fits in well with the local community, it’s a national and dare I say, international attraction as well.” 

“There is a balanced array of goods sold on the market that caters for all tastes and disposable incomes. There is a real sense of community about Keswick Market to the point that it shares in the pain of locals such as the scouts group when they need help with equipment, the mountain rescue team with support with the wonderful work they do, the numerous charities and self-help groups that have been supported by the traders of Keswick.”

“The market supports the local economy with 70% of the traders living locally and it also dovetails nicely into the retail offer of Keswick. There is a real history to the markets in this area and it has had a Charter for over 700 years, which was bestowed upon them royally and I expect this to go on for many years to come.”