More and more, British consumers are proving they support businesses that are trying to increase sustainability efforts. There’s no doubt that now, more than ever, addressing environmental concerns is part of the recipe for success in the catering business.

chipsWhat does this mean for streetfood traders? The increased demand for environmentally friendly packaging is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. And with New York City banning plastic foam containers and polystyrene packaging starting from July 2015, it’s possible that U.K. businesses could be facing new regulations in the future. The good news is, that as demand increases, the availability of eco-friendly packaging is on the rise – and the prices are more affordable than you might think.

One company that is paving the way in sustainable packaging for the food industry is Biopac, the U.K.’s leading developer and supplier of eco-friendly disposable food containers. Many of Biopac’s containers are made from cornstarch or sugar cane, so they can be fully composted – along with the food waste in it – making it ideal for streetfood traders and takeaways. While conventional plastics can take 400 years to break down, biodegradable packaging when composted is turned back into soil in less than 12 weeks.
Unlike polystyrene, the material used in most food-to-go containers, the natural fibres of the Biopac cartons prevent condensation – that is, they don’t sweat when closed over piping hot food. Say goodbye to soggy chips forever: these containers will keep your food fresh and delicious, and because of the good thermal quality, the food remains hot. What’s more, the containers are microwavable and freezable so they’re perfect for leftovers.

In addition to the traditional fish and chips or burger boxes, Biopac also offers a full range of boxes and containers for cold and hot foods, as well as hot and cold drink cups, food trays, napkins, cutlery, plates and bowls. Ross-Cameron-Manager

Ross Cameron, of Russell’s Fish and Chips in the Cotswolds said,
“Both for our own and our customers’ peace of mind, eco-friendly disposables were the way forward. And choosing Biopac as our supplier was an easy choice. After comparing prices, product
quality, and the eco-friendly specifications, Biopac came out on top in all areas, with good value and great service. We often have customers now commenting on the quality of our packaging!”

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