Almost 16,000 people shopped at Widnes Market as part of the National Small Business Saturday campaign to support local independent shops and traders. – this is more than the capacity of the Select Security Stadium

Napoleon Bonaparte famously called England “a nation of shopkeepers” and all over the UK, people took up the challenge and spent money in a local independent store rather than use the nationals/multinationals/chain stores.

Halton Borough Council organised a ‘Cash Mob’ where customers were encouraged to spend £10 on local goods to help boost the local economy.

Trader Liaison and Regeneration Officer for Halton Borough Council, Ian Goodall, said “We had 15,925 shoppers on Saturday, supporting local businesses and spending their money supporting local people”.

“It’s well known that for every £10 spent in a local store, £7 stays in the local economy compared to just £1 if you spend it in a nationally owned supermarket or chains”.

“At Widnes market we have been championing the local trader for nearly 140 years and would encourage others to do the same”.

“We have over 200 small businesses being supported in the market and more in the local town centres”.

“They all need the support of local people, especially at this time of year when people are taken in by the big advertising campaigns of the big chains.”

Cllr Ron Hignett, Executive Board Member for Physical Environment
“It’s about personal attention to shoppers. You can ask a shop owner or trader about the goods you are buying, the majority of which comes from local wholesalers or supplier”.

“They know about what they are selling and can help you buy whats right for you and even get order specially for you if they can.”