‘Quaint little town, nestling in the Suffolk Countryside, just a short drive from the coast.  A perfect resting place for many a traveller (Nelson being one), and the ember to the fire that is now the Suffolk Show. Home to industry, agriculture plus a wealth of heritage and historical architecture.’ BUT…. not a market in sight.

Truth be told, until 3 years ago, Wickham hadn’t seen a market for a few hundred years.  So why start one now?

Sadly, progress hasn’t always been a positive step forward for some towns, and Wickham also seemed to be falling victim to a slow economy and change in shopping styles.Wickham Market 2

That’s when the Town Team evolved.  A group of individuals ranging from retail  and non-retail
businesses, residents, Parish Councilors, a District Council officer, Trustees of Wickham Market Partnership who were determined not to let the heart disappear from a once thriving community.

The idea to hold a market was the brainwave of a couple of team members, both with business within Wickham and therefore firsthand experience at what was missing.

After a lot of research and communication with the local authority, parish council, villagers and market traders, Wickham Market hosted its first monthly market in April 2012.  It hasn’t looked back since with one main market on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and a mini market on the 1st Wednesday.

Wickham Market 1To celebrate its success, the Town Team expanded the August market to include activities, food and entertainment and the day played out in the guise of a giant family gathering with locals and visitors coming together to enjoy the produce, stock up on some treats or simply sit and take in the atmosphere. In fact, such was the mood, there were many who would have happily continued it into the evening. With comments including: ‘great ambience’, fantastic atmosphere and ‘a recipe for success’, the Town Team are eagerly planning the Christmas event.